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Jan 1       Fire Freedom in Academia Essay Contest - Juniors/Seniors - must write an 800-1000 word essay on provided topic.                   


Jan 1       National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship


Jan 5       Sasone and Lauber Scholarship- complete an essay on the consequences of texting and driving. 


Jan 5       GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program


Jan 9       Ron Brown Scholars Program


Jan 11     2021 Bezos Scholars Program


Jan 14     Americas Farmers - Grow Ag Leaders


Jan 14     FFA National Scholarships - numerous opportunities available


Jan 14     U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarship


Jan 15     JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship


Jan 15     Law and Essay Contest:          Letter          Poster          Rules & Info          Cover Sheet


Jan 15     SAE Engineering Scholarship - major in engineering or technology, strong ACT score, various availability.


Jan 15     Missouri State University Board of Governors Scholarship


Jan 15     Missouri State University Provost Scholarship


Jan 15     Missouri State University Deans Scholarship


Jan 15     National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship - self or parent has diagnosis.


Jan 15    The Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO) offers educational scholarships for students with brain injury to pursue post-secondary education. MORE INFO     ONLINE APP


Jan 15     The Mensa Foundation Scholarship


Jan 15     National Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship


Jan 15     Profile in Courage Essay Contest


Jan 17     MSBA: John T. Belcher Scholarship (final submission/deadline)   FAQ's    APP INFO 


Jan 17     Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship


Jan 20     Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship


Jan 29     The Nebraska City Apple Corps Music Scholarships - student participates in either instrumental or vocal music during each of their four years of high school.


Jan 30     Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship


Jan 31     Missouri Sheriff’s Association Scholarship


Jan 31     Charles P. Bell Graduate Application - CFMCT


Jan 31     Minority Natural Resources Scholarship - CFMCT


Jan 31     Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship (CFMO)


Jan 31     Ed Stegner Natural Resources Scholarship - must study within one of the five areas of natural resource management (fisheries, forestry, wildlife, parks/recreation, or soil and water conservation) at a Missouri College or University.


Jan 31     I Have A Dream Scholarship: Unigo


Jan 31     Rove Pest Control Scholarship:  GPA 3.0  Special consideration will be given to those whom are pursuing entomology or a related field.


Jan 31     Missouri Association of Fairs & Festivals Public Speaking Contest.    Manuscript





Feb 1      NWMSU Standard Scholarship - must have been accepted to NWMSU.  Fill out one application to be eligible for several opportunities.


Feb 1      Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) merit-based scholarships.


Feb 1      MU Alumni Scholarship


Feb 1      MU Robert J. Trulaske Scholarship - pursue a degree in the college of business.


Feb 1      MU Ponder Minority Scholarship - minority students pursuing a accounting or business degree.


Feb 1      MU Sam M. Walton Scholarship - major in econ, finance, international business, mngt., and/or marketing.


Feb 1      James and Nellie Westlake Scholarship - 2.5 gpa, 4 yr college or university, $50,000 or less family             adjusted gross income.  FLIER


Feb 1      Business Women of Missouri Foundation


Feb 1      SportsQuest Playing With A Purpose Scholarship


Feb 1      Missouri Conservation Agents Scholarship


Feb 1      Missouri State Fair Foundation: Youth in Agriculture


Feb 1      The National Federation of the Blind Missouri Scholarship


Feb 1      Army ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship


Feb 1      Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarship - or contact: Sara Yates (Sally) - Missouri State Counselor, 9524 Carnival Drive, St. Louis, MO 63126  (314).843.5580


Feb 3      NW Region Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) - KENT KING must seek a degree in education.  Application is submitted online.


Feb 5      Elk's Legacy Scholarship - parent or grandparent must be an Elk's Lodge member.


Feb 6      Lydia L. Stickerod NWMSU Scholarship


Feb 7      We The Students Essay Contest: Bill of Rights Institute


Feb 10    Missouri Corn Scholarship - 2 or 4 yr Missouri college, agronomy field of study or related


Feb 10    Hy-Vee Foundation Scholarship Program  


Feb 12    Adolph & Hulda Kemper Family Memorial Scholarship (NWMSU)  - this is awarded to graduating seniors from Tarkio High School, with preference given to children of multi-generational families from the Tarkio community, who have been in the Tarkio school district from kindergarten and are planning to attend North West Missouri State University. The scholarship award amount is $2000 (either two $1,000 one-time scholarships or one $2,000 two-year scholarship).  Provided by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

THE ABOVE AND BELOW ARE NOW COMBINED ($4000 for 4-year college and/or $2000 for 2-year). ONLY ONE APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.

Feb 12    Louis Kemper Jurich Memorial (NWMSU) - This is awarded to graduating seniors from Tarkio High School, with preference given to children of multi-generational families from the Tarkio community, who have been in the Tarkio school district from kindergarten and are planning to attend North West Missouri State University. The scholarship award amount is $2000 (either two $1,000 one-time scholarships or one $2,000 two-year scholarship).  Provided by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.


Feb 12    GRM Networks/FRS Scholarship


Feb 12    We The Student Essay Contest


Feb 14    The GEICO Scholarship Program


Feb 15    Jackie Robinson Foundation


Feb 15    James G. and Mavis Green Scholarship (Peru State College)


Feb 15    Tarkio College Alumni Association: Charles 'Chuck' McAdams Memorial Scholarship


Feb 15    1 For 2 Education Foundation


Feb 15    MFA Foundation Scholarship


Feb 17    Moody's Mega Math Challenge 2017 - form a team, choose a work day, free participation, internet based.  Challenge weekend is Feb 24-Feb 27, 2017


Feb 20    The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship Application 


Feb 20    Stewards Scholar Program: University of Central Missouri


Feb 21    Dr. Darrell "Jack" Holley/MUSIC Scholarship


Feb 26   Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) Scholarship  INFO   APPLICATION


Feb 27    LEAP Accounting Scholarships


Feb 27    RMEL Foundation - Electrical Energy Field


Feb 28   2021 Think for Yourself College Scholarship Essay


Feb 28    Wear Action Scholarship 


Feb 28    Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship


Feb 29    Buicks Achievers Scholarship Program




1006 West St. Maartens Drive; Suite B

St. Joseph, MO 64506


Mar 1      Missouri Courage Scholarship


Mar 1      EVERGY: Crafts Scholarship - Line Workers, Power Plant, Wind Energy 


Mar 1      FCS Financial Scholarship


Mar 1      Project 21 Scholarship


Mar 1      Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Missouri Education Foundation  

              AGC College Application                   AGC Skilled Trades Application


Mar 1      Nucor Foundation Community Scholarship


Mar 1      Cargill Global Scholars Program


Mar 1      United Electric Cooperative and United Fiber Scholarships


Mar 1      Missouri 4-H Scholarships


Mar 1      Forty and Eight Scholarship


Mar 1      Eagle Scout of the Year Application


Mar 1      United Methodist Higher Education Fund Foundation


Mar 1      Ulman Cancer Fund Foundation Scholarship


Mar 1      Life Lessons Scholarship Program


Mar 1      Nolan Moore Foundation Printing and Imaging Foundation


Mar 1      Missouri Association Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC)     (+FLIER)


Mar 2      Create A Greeting Card Contest


Mar 2      Farm Kids for College Scholarship


Mar 5      Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship


Mar 5      Higher Education & Ministry Scholarships: United Methodist and various fellowship endowments


Mar 6      Missouri Association of Rural Education: MARE HS Senior Scholarship Info & App  - these scholarships are available for juniors and seniors attending Missouri Colleges and Universities who have declared a major in Education.     


Mar 6      Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship     


Mar 8      Frame My Future Scholarship


Mar 10    Higher Education and Ministry Scholarship


Mar 10   Missouri Association of Rural Education: MARE College Scholarship Information & Application - these scholarships are available for juniors and seniors attending Missouri Colleges and Universities who have declared a major in Education. 


Mar 12    District 6040 4-Way Test Speech Contest and Scholarship Opportunity - app due this date, deadline for receipt of entry form is April 3, and date of contest is April 25


Mar 13    Howard A. McIntosh (NWMSU)


Mar 13    National Farmers Union: Hubert K. & JoAnn Seymore Scholarship


Mar 13    Missouri Women's Golf Association Scholarship - must be a female who has been active in golf activities


Mar 15   Missouri Asphalt Pavement Organization


Mar 15   Bob Phelps Sr. Scholarship


Mar 15   Louis Bell - Grant in Aid


Mar 15   Missouri Farm Bureau: Charles E. Kruse Agriculture Scholarship 


Mar 15   Microsoft disAbility Scholarship


Mar 15   Luretta Ruth Turnbull Memorial Scholarship


Mar 15   The Grand Lodge of Missouri Masonic Scholarship Funds    CRITERIA    APPLICATION    


Mar 15   Flip Flops and Apple Sauce Scholarship






Mar 16   Braxton Rethwisch Scholarship MOACAC


Mar 16   Michael A Hunter Memorial Scholarship: Leukemia, Lymphoma patients or survivors.


Mar 16   Blended Online Learning Scholarship


Mar 30   Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship


Mar 31   Avatar Challenge Scholarship


Mar 31   Real World Design Challenge (RWDC)


Mar 31   SP $10,000 Scholarship


Mar 31   Northwest Missouri Sportsman's Club Academic Scholarship


Mar 31   Richard E. Miller (Automotive Mechanics) Scholarship


Mar 31   Janice M. Scott Memorial - application, criteria sheet and check list


Mar 31   Missouri Insurance Education Foundation (MIEF)


Mar 31   Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture: Vocational Scholarship 


Mar 31   Beyond The Cure Ambassador Scholarship Program


Mar 31   The Four Chaplains Memorial Scholarship


Mar 31   Celebrity Scholarship


Mar 31   PBA Sally Beauty Scholarship


Mar 31   Kent King Educator Scholarship (MSTA)


Mar 31   HomeAdvisor's Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship


Mar 31   Maryville Knights of Columbus


Mar 31    Avalon Tech Joint Scholarship 


Mar 31    Upsolve Access to Justice Scholarship


April 1     Patriot Guard Riders of Missouri


April 1     OPPA Food Management Inc. The Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship


April 1     NAIFA Mid Missouri Memorial Scholarship


April 1     Maryville Knights of Columbus


April 1     United Producers, Inc (UPI)


April 1     George V. Smith Memorial / Tarkio Volunteer Fire Department


April 1     CHS Foundation Scholarship


April 1     Peter Pasula Study Habits 


April 1     District 6040 4-Way Test Speech Contest


April 1     SEMA Memorial Scholarship


April 1     Missouri United Methodist Foundation Scholarship


April 1     Northwest Missouri Financial Women's Scholarship


April 1     Eagle Scout of the Year Application


April 1     The Ike Foundation Scholarship


April 1     National Farmers Union: Stanley Moore Scholarship


April 1     Digiteum Internet of Things Scholarship


April 2     Beta Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International: must be female, must be graduate or spouse of a graduate of a high school in Atchison, Holt, or Nodaway counties in Missouri, must have a declared major in Education, must currently have a 2.5 gpa or above, must apply in the spring of the year before you student teach.  Contact: Jayne Martin, 28289 State Hwy. TT, Tarkio, MO 64491


April 3     Nursing Fellowship


April 15   HOSA - Future Health Professionals


April 15   Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship


April 15   Graybar Construction Powering Trades Scholarship


April 15   Ava's Grace Scholarship


April 15   We the Students Essay Contest


April 30   Let's Grow: Think For Yourself Scholarship


April 30   MSPE - Missouri Society of Professional Engineers


April 30    Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributers (KCAED) Scholarship - diesel mechanics or heavy equipment repair


April 30    Fountainhead Essay Contest 


April 30    Docs.ZoneScholarship


April 30    Nurse Corps Scholarship Program


April 30    EFA - Education Foundation for Women in Accounting


April 30    E-Waste Scholarship




May 1         First Baptist Church Tarkio Memorial Scholarship Application(Word).     PDF 


May 1         Charles "Chuck" McAdams Memorial Scholarship


May 1         Circle of Concern Student Scholarship RENEWAL Application


May 2         Dutch Crafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship


May 15       Get Girls Golfing Scholarship


May 15       Mission Creek Orthodontists Scholarship


May 15       Scholarship Points Award


May 15       Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship


May 15       Insuring Rural Communities Scholarship


May 22       B. Davis Scholarship


May 22       Cameron Impact Scholarship


May 31       Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship


May 31       Leavitt Machinery Scholarship


May 31       Inheritance of Hope Scholarships for Cancer and More



GIBBS SCHOLARSHIP: Citizen Bank & Trust

If you are a Tarkio Alumni (graduate from THS) and attending college you may be eligible for this scholarship.



June 1       THE SCHOLARSHIP SYSTEM: Thirty-One (31) Scholarships to apply for over summer break.


June 1       MDHE: Minority and Underrepresented Environmental Literacy Program


June 1       Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program - has a drive and passion for an animation and/or design related field (film, game, media).


June 1       Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship Program - to promote fashion and encourage aspiring fashion professionals in retail, mrkt., & mngt.


June 1       Odenza Vacations Scholarship


June 2       Got a Spine Scholarship


June 10      Lowell-C. Kruse: Healthy Choices. Healthy Lives. Scholarship (MOSAIC)


June 12     Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program - students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of the website.


June 15     Ocean Awareness Scholarship


June 15     10 Words or Less Scholarship


June 15     Helping Future Lawyers Scholarship


June 15     Global Lift Equipment Scholarship


June 18     SolidEssay Contest


June 29     You Deserve It Scholarship


June 30     El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers Scholarship: Personal Injury Attorneys


June 30     Lift Parts Express Scholarship


June 30     Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship


June 30     Aspiring Nurse Scholarship


June 30     CHF-Development Council & Auxiliary Scholarship


June 30     CHF-Foundation Student Loan Application


June 30     CHF-Genie Perry Scholarship


June 30     St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary Nursing & Related Medical Studies Scholarship


June 30     DealHack Community Volunteer Scholarship


June 30     Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) Midwestern Regional Chapter 


June 30     Andrew Vidal Memorial Scholarship Fund


June 30     Digital Privacy Response Scholarship


June (last Friday). NATA: Navigate Your Future Scholarship




July 1     Heartland Foundation (unless otherwise noted) - various scholarships


July 1     Chaplain Samuel Grover Powell Scholarship 


July 15   Robert J. Stoll and Lorena A Stoll Scholarship  


July 20   MU - Ag Sig Fraternity


July 30   Money Solver Summer Scholarship


July 31   UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship


July 31   Ponton Law Scholarship


July 31   City Property Management HOA Service Scholarship


July 31   Anthony Carbone - Jersey City Personal Injury Lawyer Scholarship





Aug 1     Melissa Linville Criminal Justice Scholarship


Aug 1     Global Perspectives Scholarship


Aug 1     ImproveNet by Craft Jack Scholarship


Aug 1     The Justice Solutions Group "Future Mentors" Scholarship


Aug 1     The Life Coach Spotter Scholarship


Aug 1     Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship


Aug 1     Rise Marketing Scholarship 


Aug 1     AdvancePoint Capital Financial Literacy Scholarship 


Aug 15   Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship


Aug 31   Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship


Aug 31   Nitro College Scholarship


Aug 31   Tallo + "Easy 22 Questions "Scholarship 360 


Aug 31   Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship


Aug 31   Christian Connector Scholarship


Aug 31   Make Me Laugh Scholarship


Aug 31  Niche No Essay College Scholarship


Aug 31  WayUp Dream Job No-Essay Scholarship 


Aug 31  Penny Hoarder Smart Money No-Essay Scholarship 


Aug 31  College is Power (C.I.P) Scholarship






Sept  11     Cameron Impact Scholarship


Sept  16     P.E.O. STAR Scholarship


Sept  30     Missouri Cattlemen Foundation Scholarship - student or parent must be a member of the MO Cattlemen's Association or the Missouri Junior Cattlemen's Association.  Preference given to a degree within the agricultural field, but not required.       WEBSITE


Sept  30     Shout It Out Scholarship


Sept  30     Don't Text and Drive Scholarship








Oct. 2       Wendy's High School Heisman - Minimum 3.0 gpa, participate in at least one high school sport, demonstrate involvement in the community.


Oct. 6       AES Engineering Service Scholarship - any and all students are eligible to apply...Do not have to take engineering classes or course of study!


Oct. 6       Create Real Impact Contest


Oct. 13     Feels Like Home Scholarship


Oct. 14     Toptal STEM Scholarship for Women:                How To Apply                  Official Rules


Oct. 15     Tribe of Mic-O-Say Patrick L. Newman Scholarship


Oct. 15     Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship


Oct. 25     Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Program


Oct. 30     Scholarship Points Award


Oct. 31     Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program


Oct. 31     Coca-Cola Scholars


Oct. 31     Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship: Unigo


Oct. 31     International Franchise Association: Doc Cohen Franchising, Fred Deluca, Stewart and Jane Bainum Foundation, and  IRL Marshall CFE Scholarships


Nov. 2     Hurst Review NCLEX Scholarship: Phi Theta Kappa


Nov. 2     Society for Science and the Public Regeneron Science Talent Search


Nov. 4     MSBA: John T. Belcher Scholarship (submit materials to school counselor)     

FutureBuilders Site     PDF         Word    


Nov. 5     NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing - must be a female and have computing/technology related achievements and interests.  If you win the award, then you are eligible for additional scholarships from participating colleges (see website for details).


Nov. 10    Dairy Scholars Scholarship Program - MASBDA Internship


Nov. 13    The Anne Ford Scholarship


Nov. 13    Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship


Nov. 15   Flip Flops and Apple Sauce Scholarship


Nov. 15    RSS Sally Beauty Scholarship


Nov. 15    Elks National Foundation Scholarships - various (including MVS and Legacy Awards)


Nov. 15   The Hagan Scholarship Foundation - must have a 3.50 gpa or higher, must score 23 or higher on the ACT, show financial need (FAFSA EFC must be less than $7500), attend a four year college, and no convictions or felonies.  


Nov. 20    NASSP: Prudential Spirit of Community Awards


Nov. 27    Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship


Nov. 30     National High School Oratorical Scholarship Contest     HSOSP PDF


Nov. 30     Show-Me Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS)   - provides financial assistance to students wishing to pursue studies with a natural resource conservation orientation at properly accredited colleges or universities.


Nov. 30     Most Valuable Student (MVS) Award


Nov. 30     Beauty Changes Lives Sally Beauty Scholarship


Dec. 1     Ashley Soule Conroy Foundation Scholarship - for students planning to study abroad


Dec. 1     National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship          Application Overview


Dec. 1     Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship: PTK Honor Society Fall Application


Dec. 1     MU Annual Scholarship - recommend applying for admission by Dec. 1 in order to make your Dec. 15 deadline!!!  Must be accepted to the University of MO-Columbia in order to apply.  You fill out one scholarship to be eligible for several opportunities. First-Time Freshman extension deadline is now Jan 1 but don't wait.


Dec. 1     Missouri S&T Chancellor's Scholarship - Must be accepted to MO S&T, minimum 31 ACT, top 10% of your class (or 3.75 gpa)


Dec. 5     Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarships  (opens Oct 5, closes Dec 5)


Dec. 8     MSBA: John T. Belcher Scholarship (board review and nominee selected). PDF


Dec. 11   Missouri Youth Pork Ambassador Program Scholarship


Dec. 15   Equitable Achievement Scholarship


Dec. 15   Burger King Scholars Program


Dec. 31   Ed Stegner Natural Resources Scholarship - must study within one of the five areas of natural resource management (fisheries, forestry, wildlife, parks/recreation, or soil and water conservation) at a Missouri College or University.


Dec. 31   Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship (CFMO)


Dec. 31   WiseGeek Women in STEM Scholarship


Dec. 31.  Alliance Law Group, PS: Tacoma Attorney's





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